Life-enhancing products through
TECHNO FLOW ONE INC'S unsurpassed technical expertise.


External handling for information processing paper and optical film for liquid crystal, aluminum for adhesive tape specialized tape for industrial application, electrically conductive adhesive tape, Manufacture of acrylics adsorption foam (“Fitbond”), resonating audio speaker parts, metal foils, and laminated fibers, etc.,


The manufacturing of soundproof shock-absorbing sponges, primer treatment for roof sheeting, the production of adhesive tapes for civil engineering projects, soundproofing, and adhesion of shock absorbing insulation.


The adhesion of automobile interior parts, hot melting, manufacturing of foam adhesive interior elements, and silicon rubber topping for high temperature resistant hoses.


The application of adhesives and primer, topping treatment, and materials for automotive timig belts, hoses, and precision industrial belt and hoses.


Shock absorbing sponges, shoe cushion insert pads, topping and friction, calendaring, the processing of adhesives, glue application, hot melting bonding, Various lamination (wet lamination, dry lamination, hot melting lamination).


Elastic adhensive bandage, belt for lumbago and knee joints, ventilated process


Manufacuture of an acrylics foam double-sided tape (structure adhesives), our adhesive technology and laminating and coating techniques can further be found in the medical field, electronics, mass media applications, and the sundries and products that make up our daily lives.